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Josh: bright eyes

In my classroom, I am the law

And don't ask about my secret plan to fight inflation. It's not funny any more.

Casa de Josh [Monday morning]
Josh: *hug*, Josh: worried
Josh was in the kitchen working on his fifth cup of coffee that morning and looking like he hadn't slept all weekend.

Which was true.

He kept glancing towards the front door, waiting for someone to come over.

Josh didn't deal well with people he loved getting hurt.

[OOC: For le wonderful fake girlfriend and le almost as wonderful SP, but if housemates are around, yay!]

Office hours [all day]
Josh: dimples, Josh: grin
Josh was puttering around his office getting ready for a road trip--which explained the Google maps everywhere.

It also explained all of the labels that read "Auntie Aly's Jams 'n Preserves," but he wasn't entirely up for explaining that part.

The door was open, the Doobie Brothers were blasting loudly, and he was completely open for chatting.

Listen To The Music - The Doobie Brothers

Casa de Josh
Josh: bright eyes
Josh checked his messages. Obsessively.

As one does.

And wow, he was getting some crackpots today. Seriously. So he returned their messages like the nice guy he was.

Also as one does.

And didn't wonder why he was getting the calls.

As one probably should've.

US Government Grades
Josh: muffins and bagels!, Josh: coffee, Josh: pwned
And lo, Josh did post the grades for his class, for he found them all to be of sufficient intellect and degree of sucking up, and so he did not fail any.

And then he celebrated with bagels. And a stupid little dance, for it was now the summer time.

Pam Beesly A-
JC Broots B
Princess Irulan Corrino A
Cedric Diggory B-
Jim Halpert B-
Liz Sherman A-
Steerpike Incomplete
Dawn Summers A
Turtle Wexler A
Sam Winchester A

[OOC: Blah blah grade can be changed blee]

Office hours [all day]
Josh: dimples, Josh: grin
Josh was very, very busy, you see.

But not working on a chart of the disasters and invasions the faculty had put money down on at the meeting on Monday.

Because that would be...wrong?

Either way, the door was open for students or teachers looking to place their bets.

[OOC: SP is love as I'm heading to work, woe. I'll pick up pings at lunch and then the evening]

Office hours [all day]
Josh: muffins and bagels!, Josh: coffee, Josh: pwned
Josh was staring at the small flock of wee tiny penguins who had climbed up onto his desk and were tapping dancing for him.

"I love this school," he said quietly, grinning and reaching slowly for his camera.

[OOC: Open for all, especially mentees. SP is love, as I am a running off for Internetless work of woe.]

Office hours [all day]
Josh: bright eyes
Josh was in his office reading the Washington Post.

Just another Thursday.

Well, if you ignored the whole being a woman thing.

Which Josh, frankly, was finding to be a bit difficult.

Office hours [all day]
Josh: bright eyes
Rather than forcing the Student Council to meet on the day of the big dance, Josh posted a "Problems? Find me!" sign on the classroom after his class, then left handwavy messages for his new mentees and kicked back in his office.

And took a nap.

With the door open.

Silly Josh.

US Government Syllabus
Josh: bright eyes
US Government: There's a System. Really.

Student Roster:
TA: Pam Beesly
JC Broots
Princess Irulan Corrino
Cedric Diggory
Jim Halpert
Liz Sherman
Dawn Summers
Turtle Wexler
Sam Winchester

Week 1: Why should you care about government?
Week 2: Historical government stuff (Magna Carta, Machiavelli, Locke, blah, blah)
Week 3: The Declaration of Independence: One hell of a kiss-off note
Week 4: QUIZ
Week 5: The Articles of Confederation (Wow, did that not work) & the Constitution (which did)
Week 5 The Presidency: So much cooler than you
Week 6 More of the Presidency, which is still much cooler than you
Week 7 The Cabinet: Rewarding your friends can backfire
Week 9 The Congress: Less cool than the President. Also, annoying. And badly dressed.
Week 10: The Judiciary: Old and cranky, man.
Week 11: QUIZ
Week 12: The Electoral College: What kind of crack were the Founders on?
Week 13: The media: helpful for democracy or just really shrill and annoying?
Week 14: State government: Nobody cares

Detention Rules: Three consecutive unexcused absenses=detention. Starting a fight that's not a political one=detention. Being the victim of my occasional sense of whimsy=fun for me.

I've been told voting Republican can't lead directly to detention but I'm watching you all just in case.

[OOC: In other words, if you want a detention, Josh has no problem being the enforcer.]

Stupid Boy - Keith Urban

Office hours [all day]
Josh: dimples, Josh: grin
Josh was back.

Josh was tan.

Josh was whistling a happy tune in a tone-deaf way.

Josh had clearly won his election.

He was decorating his office with new campaign posters and listening to NPR. He was very interruptable.