Josh: bright eyes

In my classroom, I am the law

And don't ask about my secret plan to fight inflation. It's not funny any more.

Josh: bright eyes
Josh Lyman professor_lyman
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Voice mail
Hey, this is Josh. Um, Professor Lyman. I'm not around, you know, obviously. Leave a message, I'll get back to you.

What? This beats being in a hellish hold world of hold.

Trust me.

Phone fun times

[from here]

"Woah, hey, hey, it's okay, I know you're 'not quite single', we talked about that, remember? And I'd love to hang out on a not-date, I mean, that wasn't a pass, that thing with the tights. . . . Just what any guy would do to cheer up a friend. But, yeah, let's hang out. That'd be fun. Gimme a call and let me know when, okay?"

Re: Phone fun times


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