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Josh: bright eyes

In my classroom, I am the law

And don't ask about my secret plan to fight inflation. It's not funny any more.

Josh: thinking, Josh: totally not plotting. nope not me, Josh: listening, osh: hand on chin
Josh Lyman professor_lyman
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Office hours [all day]
Josh was in his office with coffee and the finest muffins and bagels, currently yelling at the weekend New York Times crossword puzzle.

He would be happy to talk to guests, or feed fleeing students some tasty, tasty carbs.

Mmm. Muffins.

"Is the crossword really that bad?" Chris knew a few things about threatening people/things while around delicious pastries. It was a gift he had.

"They spelled Qaddafi wrong," Josh complained.

"Write an angry letter," Chris suggested dryly, inspecting the muffins for a moment.

"I would, but they stopped answering me," Josh said. "Apparently, I'm too invested in the crossword." He tilted his head at the pastry inspection. "The blueberry ones are really, really good," he offered. "And I'm Josh Lyman. I'm teaching history this semester. Who do you belong to?"

"Chris Argent," he replied, offering a hand to shake. "Here for Isaac Lahey."

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"Is the paper going to yell back?" asked the man leaning in the doorway with a sardonic little smile.

He'd be pleased if the answer was 'yes,' actually.

"I hope not," Josh said, laughing, "but around here...maybe. Are you looking for me?"

"Only if you're Mr. Lyman. My daughter's supposedly in your class," Hector said, stepping in to offer his hand. "Hector Bowen."

Josh stood up and shook it. "Nice to meet you. Celia's been an excellent addition to our class discussions."

Hector arched a brow curiously. "It's a history class, isn't it? I'd thought she'd be studying things less...accessible in a book."

To be fair, he actually wasn't trying to be rude, for once.

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"This is Mr. Lyman's office," Kathy said to her family. Her mother snapped a picture of the door and the hallway, as she'd done with every stop so far. Apparently Kathy's school photo album was going to be full of incredibly boring pictures of tile. "He teaches American history and was Chief of Staff--I think that was it?--to a former president."

Granted, Kathy had never heard of the president he'd worked for, but she was equally sure that her parents were never going to fact check that.

"I was!" Josh said, because he was always listening for someone talking about his resume.

Kathy's family showed various levels of being impressed. Her mother: very. Her father: some, but with the calculating look of someone planning on name dropping that as soon as possible. Her sister: well, it rated a quick glance away from her current level of Candy Crush? That was nice.

"How very--" Mrs. Li began, but her husband cut her off. This was someone important, he would handle it.

"Li," he said, striding over to the desk to shake Josh's hand. "And this is my family. I hope Katherine has been an exemplary student in your class. My wife and I immigrated to America in the early 80's, so American history and patriotism are important to us. We've both been real up-by-your-bootstraps kind of people. She's a real estate agent and I've been working with the same business firm for almost thirty years."

Careful Josh. He could keep going like this.

Josh's grin was completely genuine. This was how he was used to being greeted (Fandom kids were sadly unimpressed with his resume). "That's wonderful! What sort of business are you in?"

"Finance," Mr. Li replied, puffing his chest out a little. "Specifically, in mutual funds for retirement savings. How's your 457b looking, Mr. Lyman? I might be able to help you invest a bit better. Knowing your portfolio, that's key!"

The next time Kathy checked her phone, she'd see a text from Sarah. He puts the douche in fiduciary, omg.

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