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Josh: bright eyes

In my classroom, I am the law

And don't ask about my secret plan to fight inflation. It's not funny any more.

Josh: bright eyes
Josh Lyman professor_lyman
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Office hours [Saturday]
Josh and Sam were in Josh's office, doing Terribly Important Things.

Namely, eating chips and watching college football.

It was like holding office hours, but way more fun.

The door was open.

Aly slipped out of her office at some point during the day to look into Josh's door.

"Hey Sam," she said with a grin. "Josh, my parents decided we need to have dinner with them. You don't happen to have a very, very important meeting of the government to conflict?"

Josh reached for his phone. "I can find one."

She grinned. "I knew you were good."

"Don't encourage him," Sam said, rolling his eyes.

"Is it going to be trial by dinner?" Josh asked, ignoring Sam and smiling at Aly.

Aly winked at Sam. "I'm comfortable that I'll be able to puncture his ego again," she said.

"On the plus side, you've already met them?" she pointed out, smiling back. "Mother's decided she needs to remind herself what Chinese food tastes like."

"Poor Alanna, not remembering Chinese food," Josh said. "She graduated in May," he told Sam, "or...how many years ago?" he asked Aly.

"Thirtyish," Aly said, still too concerned with the timeline to be more specific.

Sam stared at the both of them. "This is you two trying to break my brain, isn't it?"

Aly looked at him wide-eyed, the hint of a smirk present. "Why would you ever think that?"