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Outside Casa de Josh [afternoon]
His grades had been submitted.

The last of his stuff had been crammed into his car.

Toby, with only a little bit of grumbling (for him, anyway), had given Josh a spot on his couch until the tenants in Josh's townhouse moved out.

There was nothing left to be done in Fandom except say goodbye.

Which was why Josh wasn't leaving quite yet.

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Gone for Good - The Shins

Lana was enjoying the butterfly warmth when she saw Josh by his car. "Today's the day, huh?"

Josh nodded. "This kind of weather will never, ever happen in New Hampshire," he said with a pout. "I'll be wearing fourteen layers of clothing instead."

She laughed, "Oh, come on now! Even New Hampshire has to have nice weather once in a while!"

"But when it gets nice in New Hampshire, that's the time we have to be sweating to death at the Iowa State Fair pretending that we've always cooked pork on the barbecue," Josh replied, winking.

"And you're trying to convince me that I should have a career in this crazy stuff?" she asked with a grin.

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Zoe wasn't fond of goodbyes, but she figured that some people deserved them. She watched Josh for a few moments, her arms crossed over her chest. "If whatever it is you're doing doesn't work out, you're going to come back here, right?" she asked.

Josh nodded. "Absolutely," he said. "And if you ever need to ship off an island worth of kids for a weekend, we're all about the free labor in campaigning."

"That sounds like something that would fit in the category of 'educational experience' and get the students out of the way," Zoe replied. "I like it."

"I can practically guarantee none of them will get eaten," Josh said.

"Did you pack your sunscreen?" Aly asked teasingly as she came up to him.

"And my towel," Josh said, nodding. "And, I think, one of Vala's towels too. Oops."

"If she comes after you for that, you're on your own," Aly replied with a quick grin.

"I'll tell her you took 'em," Josh lied.

"Like she'd believe that," she pointed out.

"I have an honest face," Josh told her.

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