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Casa de Josh [late afternoon]
Josh? Delaying the inevitable?

Damn right.

He had three messages from Congressman Santos stacked in front of him, a giant mug of coffee, poll numbers for the likely Democratic candidates in New Hampshire for '09 and a box of speeches to read through.

He'd made his decision.

He just didn't want to tell anyone.

[ooc: House door is totally knockable.]

Aly knocked on the door then poked her head in. "Anyone home or am I interrupting some sport with men pounding on each other?"

"The Pats are whaling on the Jets," Josh said, glancing up at the TV, "so it's hardly worth watching. Hey, you."

She grinned and slipped inside and over to give him a kiss, eyes taking in his papers. "I was hoping for hockey, but football will do, I suppose. Hey yourself."

"I keep hoping for a bolt of lightning to come down and smite them for being too damn good," Josh said. "There's beer in the fridge. Or coffee."

He peered into his mug, where his had gone cold. "Huh. I really haven't been paying attention."

Aly eyed the mug then picked it up to go dump out the cold coffee and pour them both a new cup. "Football can't be taking up that much of your attention," she said, bringing the cups back and sitting down next to him.

He chewed on his lip. "The trip to Texas was...interesting. I kinda got offered a job."

"It's not that surprising," she pointed out. "That's why you went, right? With -" she glanced at the papers. "Congressman Santos?"

"Matt," Josh said, nodding. "But I already have a job. And a life. The life thing is new."

She turned to him to reach for his hand. "Comes of not working a hundred hours a week," she replied.

He clung tightly to the hand and shifted a little closer. "Does it make me a horrible person that I miss it?"

"It makes you you," Aly said softly, copying his movement to end up closer yet. "I'd never have believed you if you said you didn't."

Josh rested his head against hers. "And I could really make a difference here. He's got all the raw materials, but doesn't know how to make a real run of it."

"He who you want leading your country?" she asked. "Weird and democratic though it is?"

Josh was quiet for a long time, weighing the options. "Yeah," he said finally, nodding. "He'd do well."

She tilted her head up to kiss his cheek. "I'm surprised you haven't already decided then."

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